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  • Adapter Board with socket for programming and/or evaluation of the QF4A512
  • Daughter card which plugs in to the QF4A512-DK
  • Flexible power options: 
    • Use power from QF4A512-DK (requires soldering in provided header connector)
    • Use external 5V power supply via the on-boardbarrel connector
  • Option to feed analog inputs to the chip via (supplied) header connectors to the QF4A512-DK
  • No separate power supply or controller board is required


The QF4A512-PA Programming Adapter is a daughter card designed to plug into the QF4A512 Development Kit. The board features a socket allowing individual QF4A512 chips to be programmed with image files created with the Quickfilter Pro Development Software. (Version 3.1.1 or later required to support this feature).

The QF4A512-PA board attaches to the SPI header on the existing QF4A512-DK board allowing the Quickfilter Pro software to communicate with individual devices inserted into the socket. Once the user has completed a design with the QF4A512-DK he can program the configuration into additional chips, e.g. for prototype builds, by selecting a checkbox within the Quickfilter Pro software (“Use Program Adapter” within the 3. Control application). After programming, the chip performance can be verified by routing analog signals applied to the BNC connectors on the QF4A512-DK board through to the daughtercard (requires soldering supplied header connectors to the QF4A512-DK board).

The board has its own on-chip regulators requiring only a 5V voltage source for operation. An external power supply may be used via the on-board barrel connector. Alternatively the supply already present on the QF4A512-DK board can be used. A header connector is provided which can be soldered onto the QF4A512-DK board to provide this connection.

Programming Adapter Includes:

  • QF4A512-PA daughtercard
  • ?3 loose header connectors to provide analog signal connections and/or power from the QF4A512-DK (requires soldering) 
  • Instruction Sheet

System Requirements

  • QF4A512-DK Development Kit
  • Quickfilter Pro software rev 3.1.2 or later 
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