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Quickfilter Technologies

QF3DFX ProfoundSound™

Audio Effects Processor
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The single-chip QF3DFX is a powerful 3-channel audio processor that is designed for seamless insertion into an audio serial digital data path. The QF3DFX is easily configured using the Quickfilter QFPro Design Software with royalty- free user-tunable advanced audio algorithms for psychoacoustic effects such as bass enhancement, high frequency restoration, and virtual surround sound. It can be configured to interface with I2S or TDM based audio systems. The QF3DFX operates over a broad range of data rates up to 48 kilo-samples per second (ksps) and can support data resolutions of 16 or 24 bits. The QF3DFX is self-booting and provides pin control for volume up, volume down, mute and profiles supporting cost-sensitive designs with minimal external requirements. The device automatically powers down when audio data is not present, thereby enabling its use in low power applications such as wireless headsets and speakers.

Typical Applications:


  • Powered Speaker Products
  • Sound bars 
  • Docking stations 
  • Internet radio 
  • MP3 players 
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QF3DFX Support Tools

QFPro-3DFX - Software for the QF3DFX