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The QF1Da512-DK Development Kit is a complete hardware and software solution for the, the audio version of the QF1D512 Simple and versatile FIR engine. The kit allows the user to easily set up the configuration parameters for each of the two QF1Da512 devices for the specific application and evaluate the resulting device performance.


Circuit board features:


  • 2 sets of RCA jacks for analog audio in and out 
  • 1 set of SPDIF jacks for SPDIF in and out
  • 1 - 3.5mm headset output jack
  • 1 codec
  • 2 QF1Da512 devices
  • I2S header for digital interface
  • 1 header for selection of sample rates and serial data formats 


Development Kit evaluation and testing capabilities:


  • A filter design may be evaluated by introducing an analog input to the Audio input jacks (or digital input to the SPDIF jacks or I2S header) of the Development Kit board, from any user supplied audio source


  • Once the analog input has been introduced, the filtered digital output data is routed to the RCA audio output jacks (or SPDIF jack or headset jack). When connected to an amplified speaker, the filtered audio stream can be heard or tested with audio test equipment.


Runs under Windows 2000, XP or later


Filter designs require the QF1Da512-DK controller board - available separately


Offered in Two Modes:


  • Development mode: Plugs into the QF1D512-DK for filter development
  • Stand-alone mode: After filters are developed, place into audio stream


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