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Quickfilter Technologies

QF1Da512 - SavFIRe™ with WideAudio™

Simple and Versatile FIR Engine for Audio

Industry first dedicated FIR filter chip to contain digital gain and compression

  • Provides up to 24dB of digital gain
  • Addresses the issue of dynamic range loss in equalization applications
  • Compression is sample by sample with an instant attack and release
  • Adjustable via Quickfilter Pro™ software

Provides a I2S "duplicate" function

  • Allows the developer to copy and insert current channel data into opposite channel cycle
  • Eases the design of audio crossovers while minimizing cost no extra components required

Performance equivalent to mid-range Digital Signal Processors and exceeds the performance of most audio processors

  • Processes the equivalent of 50 million MAC instructions per second
  • Supports sample rates from 1Hz to 500 KHz

511 tap Symmetric Digital FIR (asymmetric supported)

  • 32-bit coefficients
  • 24 bits data (user defined, 12- 24 bits)
  • Provides the user with superior audio quality

Packaged in a 3x3mm QFN package

Consumes only 2.8mW (milliwatts) of power

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QF1Da512 Support Tools

QFPro-1Da - Software for the QF1aA512