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The QF1D512-Dipster provides a means of prototyping the QF1D512 using a 14-pin Dual Inline Package (DIP) format.


The board has four components, the QF1D512, two power decoupling capacitors, C1 and C2, and the DIP pins.


There are 5 cut points that may be cut and/or resoldered as needed. CP1, 2 and 3 connect the lines that are typically used to implement Coprocessor mode. CP4 and CP5 connect the onboard 1.8V regulator to the chip’s power pins.

Every effort has been made to keep traces away from the cut line of all cut points.

Width                                  - 10.5mm
Length                                 - 18.0mm
Height Mounted on PCB    -   5.0mm
Pin Length Height              -   8.0mm

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