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Quickfilter Technologies

QF1D512 - SavFIRe™

Simple and Versatile FIR Engine
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  • 512-tap Precision FIR Filter

    • Configurable to work with almost any SPI interface ADC
    • Data Formats from 12 to 24 bits<
    • Programmable Header Offset
    • Programmable  Pin Polarities (e.g. active-high, falling edge triggered

  • Flexible architecture can be used in many configurations:

    • In series between  ADC and host micro
    • As a co-processor to host micro (e.g. micro with embedded ADC
    • Daisy-chain multiple filters in series
    • Multi-channel (multiplexed)

  • 3x3 mm QFN package

  • Low Power ~10uA @ 1ksps

  • Supports Sampling Rates up to 500ksps
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QF1D512 Support Tools

QFPro-1D - Software for the QF1D512

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