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Quickfilter Technologies


Our software is what sets us apart from other semiconductor manufacturers.  Closely coupled with our silicon, the software presents a unique development environment where the engineer can focus on the application and not the code.  No compilers, linkers, editors.  No chasing down syntax errors or struggling to optimize code.  No need for special programming languages.  The graphical user interface is simple and easy to learn so engineers can develop solutions.  The software allows for real time in system results so you don't have to wait for a code release. Programming without the hassle of programming.  Best of all, the software is FREE.  It can even be run without the development kit so you can take it for a test drive.  Just click the links to the right and download the software you need.
QFPro-3DFX - Download software for the QF3DFX

QFPro-1Da - Download software for the QF1DA512

QFPro-1D - Download software for the QF1D512

QFPro-4A - Download software for the QF4A512