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Quickfilter Technologies

Silicon Products

Our silicon products provide the most cost effective solution to your digital processing needs.  Our products offer industry leading digital filter performance providing:

    • The smallest  SIZE
    • The lowest  POWER
    • The lowest COST
    • The least amount of DESIGN TIME
    • A drastic reduction in TIME-to-MARKET
    • A broad application of digital filters
    • The removal of traditional DSPs barriers to entry
    • The greatest end product FLEXIBILITY
    • Software reprogram-ability
    • Configuration flexibility
    • The highest  levels of INTEGRATION


over all competing approaches.

These products are available through our worldwide sales and distribution channel.
QF3DFX - ProfoundSound™ Audio Effects Processor

QF1Da512 - SavFire Single Channel Digital Filter w/gain control

QF1D512 - SavFire Single Channel Digital Filter

QF4A512 - 4 channel Programmable Digital Filter