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Quickfilter Technologies

Development Kits

Our development kits are designed to make life simple for the engineer.  Coupled with our software, this development environment allows the user to focus on his solution rather than writing code.  Designs that usually take months can be done in days.  The development kits are designed such that they can be used in system for real time testing and debug.  Changes to filter parameters can be downloaded on the fly with the results available instantly.  The kits are available through any of our distribution partners.
QF3DFX-DK - development kit for the QF3DFX

QF1Da512-DK - development kit for the QF1Da512

QF1D512-DK - development kit for the QF1D512

QF1D512-Dipster - dip form factor board for QF1D512

QF4A512-DK - development kit for the QF4A512

QF4A512-PA - programming adapter for the QF4A512