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Quickfilter Technologies

About Us

Quickfilter Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in digital filtering and signal processing for consumer, industrial, medical, and automotive markets.

  • Founded in 2003
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Locations:
    • Corporate Headquarters:  Dallas, TX
    • Design Headquarters:  Phoenix, AZ
    • Manufacturing Support – Sun-S USA
    • Proven Applications Engineering Support
    • Worldwide Sales Channel and Distribution Support


The Quickfilter Value Proposition includes:

  • Filter design in minutes:Replaces expensive DSPs and/or expensive software licenses
    • No mathematical experience needed
    • Simple to use development tools
    • Development Kits allow design implementation in a matter of minutes
    • Fully reprogrammable even after production start
    • Fast time to market for the end customer
    • Unique audio capabilities
      • Combine multiple audio enhancement features into a single low cost chip using Quickfilter’s WideAudio® and ProfoundSound®technologies
        • Equalization
        • Virtual Surround Sound – Spatialization
        • Virtual Pitch - reproduction of bass frequencies that are not really present in the sound
        • Dynamics Processing
        • High Frequency restoration
        • More….

Our newest product, QF3DFX ProfoundSound® Audio Processor represents the latest advance in audio processing technology.  The device is a powerful 3-channel audio processor and effects system-on-a-chip designed for seamless insertion in an audio serial digital data path.  The QF3DFX is easily configured using the Quickfilter’s QFPro™ Design Software (QFPro) with royalty free user tunable advanced audio algorithms for psychoacoustic effects.  The QF3DFX can be configured to interface with I2S or TDM based audio systems. The QF3DFX can operate over a broad range of data rates up to 48ksps and can support data resolutions of 16 or 24 bits. The QF3DFX is self-booting and provides pin control for volume up, volume down, mute and profiles supporting cost sensitive designs with minimal external requirements.  The QF3DFX automatically powers down when audio data is not present making it ideal for mobile applications.

Quickfilter Technologies prides itself on being a driver of disruptive technology by providing Industry leading digital filter and digital processing performance.  Our silicon products, development kits and software provide our customers with solutions that:

  • Are the Smallest  SIZE
  • Are the Lowest  POWER
  • Are the Lowest COST
  • Take Least development  TIME
  • Provide a drastic reduction in TIME-to-MARKET
  • Remove the complexity from DSP designs
  • Provide the greatest end product FLEXIBILITY
  • Allow for on the fly- in system - software reprogram-ability
  • Provide configuration flexibility
  • Provide the highest levels of INTEGRATION


Over all competing approaches.